Common Theory


Explainer videos are extremely useful to show consumers what your company or product offers. Though mostly straightforward and practical, this doesn’t mean that the video can’t be fun, engaging and it absolutely should be tailored to your brand’s personality.

When Save on Foods was re-designing their online shopping service, they wanted a video that explained the core features and benefits. As an established brand, they have a strong brand personality of a friendly neighbour and an illustration style that is their expression of this friendly personality. So when we concepted and created the video, our idea was to bring the neighbourly charm to their online shopping story along with a visual style that aligned with their brand illustrations.


Working with DeliverySlip, on the other hand, was working with a relatively new brand. They didn’t have guidelines on illustration style, but we knew we wanted to create something that was approachable and would help simplify the sometimes complex ideas of secure mail.

Similarly with Solvere, a brand new start up that wanted to use video to try to generate initial funding as well as interest from lawyers and consumers, we gave their brand a playful feel to counterbalance the rather intimidating field of law. Our concept was built around the idea that though the law affects everyone and is everywhere, it isn’t always the easiest to understand. Enter Sovere, the app to make law simpler and more accessible - which we feel comes across in the visual style, animation and script of the video itself.


For Okta, we created a series of videos to explain how their product modernizes IT infrastructure thereby freeing up time for IT and development teams to focus on the mission critical tasks they were actually hired for. In this series we concepted the visual style and the script to fit their brand personality while also hitting home the real key messages of why Okta should be your enterprises’ solution.

OktaAnimationVideo2Artboard 1-100.jpg

No matter if your brand is well-established or just starting out, we can concept, write, illustrate and animate to fit your brand’s personality and story, delivering key messages so that your consumers or clients know and understand your offering as well as your brand.